We Clean Carpet & Upholstery

When we say clean we're talking about serious clean, not just stirring up of embedded dirt. With our low-moisture Air Cell Extraction method dirt is lifted out of the carpet or upholstery material leaving it clean and fresh, restored to as close to new as possible.

We use Green Seal certified detergents, which are safer for people, pets, and the environment. It provides a deeper and more complete cleaning than is possible with traditional methods.

Air Cell Extraction Cleaning

Mr Green Kleen uses the latest in Air Cell Extraction technology to clean your carpets the cleanest they can possibly be. This method of cleaning incorporates the use of tiny air cells that contain only a small amount of water, thus avoiding excessive moisture in the cleaning process. No dirty water is left behind in the carpet and drying takes place quickly. The lowered moisture content of the cleaning process virtually eliminates problems caused by over-wetting the carpet.

Carpets cleaned with Air Cell Extraction dry faster and stay clean longer than with traditional methods of carpet cleaning. No steam or harsh discoloring detergent is used in the cleaning process, but mild low-moisture foam and a cleaning system that is safe and gentle, yet thorough.

Professional Service

At Mr Green Kleen we combine high-quality up to date cleaning equipment with environmentally responsible cleaning products available to give our customers great carpet and upholstery cleaning service in a thorough and professional manner. You can be sure that with Mr Green Kleen you are choosing a company that takes pride in providing quality service at a price you can live with.

Let Us Help

Call us today or send us a message from our Contact page. We look forward to helping you enjoy fresh, clean and well-restored carpet and upholstery. You'll be amazed at the affordability of our work and the difference in the beauty of your carpet and upholstery when cleaned with air cell extraction.

Service Area

We provide carpet cleaning primarily for Martinsville, Virginia, and the Henry County area of Virginia.

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Phone: 276-340-1422